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TNS Employee Insights is a leader in the art and science of measuring and improving employee engagement. For over 25 years, TNS Employee Insights (formerly Foresight International) has helped organizations develop better and more engaging leaders through accurate engagement metrics, world class methods to track and increase accountability, and full executive support and commitment.  In October 2008, TNS became part of WPP's Consumer Insight Division, The Kantar Group. Over our 25 year history, we have been recognized as a leading innovator in the employee engagement survey industry. We participate with associations and firms such as: Human Capital Institute, Great Place to Work Institute, Safe Harbor, LinkedIn, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, SHRM, Total CX Leaders, CASRO and others.



Satisfied with the status quo?  We aren’t, and you shouldn’t be either. Employee engagement initiatives are not events; they are guideposts in a culture-changing journey to create more engaging work places. We are honored to work with hundreds of clients of all sizes, as well as the leaders in over a dozen industries who have partnered with us an average of 10+ years.





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Presentations, learning and development webinars, and white papers published by our consultants all focus on engagement strategies that produce meaningful business results. Together, this thought leadership can help your organization to project growth, measure employee engagement, assess brand performance, and deliver a high-level target for organizational improvement.





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Normative Benchmarks

For companies looking to outperform their competition or maintain a leading position in their market, the use of benchmark data can offer valuable comparisons for managers and senior leaders. However, it is a true double-edged sword.

Internal: Just how high is "high" if you aim to have it all? Showing managers external scores can create a “ceiling effect” or belief that certain benchmarks are unobtainable. Combat that mentality with an internal “Best-in-Class” score for your managers to make comparisons. This benchmark score displays the top-performing groups (typically 10%) in your organization to help managers know where to aim.

External: When used appropriately, external comparisons can help your organization evaluate its direction and provide a path to successful action planning. Whether the data is industry-specific, country-specific or a High-Performing cut, you can be sure the comparisons will be an accurate match for your company.


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What our clients are saying...

Don't take a new partnership with TNS lightly... our clients stick with us for an average of 10+ years!


“I thought that your organization did an amazing job, and I wanted to share my experience with my present company.”

Susan Markel, Human Resource Director - formerly at HCA

“The TNS team is one of the best in the industry, providing a depth of knowledge and exceptional service.”

Lonnie Sue Sutton, Organizational Development at United Launch Alliance

“Incorporating Benchmark Data in with our Employee Survey Reports helps us identify our high priority action issues.”

Rich Taggard, President of Swiss Army Brands, Inc.

“TNS is a valued business partner of Brown-Forman due to the services they provide to us. TNS meets our high standards of quality and we are confident that our data and information is handled with the utmost attention to integrity and confidentiality.”

Cathy Herald, Director of Global Talent Succession and Career Management of Brown-Forman Corporation


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